Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Day in Paris!

Sign seen on the very exciting moving walkway in Charles De Gaulle Airport - this one went up and down!!

Graffiti seen from the taxi to Paris...

Mairie, or city hall, of the XXth arrondisement..

Cyclist, taken from the taxi on the way to Susan and Joel's apartment.

LOTS of motorcycles in Paris.

Susan on the stairwell of her apartment.

Street graffiti.


Notre Dame.

Hippos carved in chocolate... ! We had lime/basil chocolate here that was to DIE for.

Amazing buttery, sugary treats we had for dessert tonight.

Various views of the street, apartment door, address number where I used to live, in 1975. 3 Rue Saint Sulpice.

Winged black angel carrying a defense de entree icon.

Workers and a sculpture at the Luxembourg Gardens, where I spent a lot of time in 1975.

Luxembourg Gardens.

Susan photographing the terrazzo. 

Sisters, again.

And again....

I know. Cliche. 

View out their apartment.

And view down the street.
It's about 8 o'clock here. Light till almost 10.


  1. so very cool to see simultaneous Parises, yours and mine. lovly. see you soon, elin

  2. I love your photos.

    The one of you and your sister in the store windows remind me of that Robert Doisneau photo w. the man and his wife - his eyes are on the painting of a nude. Makes me laugh every time.

    The last time I was in Paris, I vowed not to gain weight. Ha! A restauranteur yelled at me for not eating all of my duck fat. By the last 2 days I ate in bakeries 3 times a day. I got out of there with 5 extra lbs!

    Have a good time, Kim

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words. We have eaten our way through Paris. My sister is a patisserie expert - really. Wrote a book about them. It's been one long binge, this last week. Oh well; I have loved every minute of it!