Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The temperature is still too high for the end of September and the humidity hasn't really lessened enough for me to fully enjoy walking yet, but I have been able to do a little bit, late in the day.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Missed Opening Reception

Again. Only this time it was L.A. and it wasn't on account of MY fall. It was on account of my poor mom. Suffice it to say she ended up with 4 broken ribs and a broken nose and is slowly recovering. I went to NY to see her in the hospital only a week after I'd been there for a celebratory visit. Anyway, here's a shot of the back room at George Lawson Gallery with my 16 part piece hanging (opposite Stephen Westfall). Photo thanks to Ward Schumaker.

And some other photos, just in, from George, of my piece in the background with Sara Bright and 3 friends in the foreground.

George talking to Graham Nash, who apparently really liked my piece!

And the front of the gallery from the back.

But before I saw this, ^, I saw these....  some photos from my trip to see my mom. I took the train every day from Grand Central and actually got off in New Rochelle, my childhood home, the station I used to go to every week in high school, to ride into the city and dance at the 92nd street Y or visit with Naami, or before that, with Levi, or before that, to take the D train out to Flatbush to see Myra. Loved that city when I was 15, 16, 17, 18... Still do.

Here's a grid of some buildings seen from the train.

OK, speaking of grids, here's one I worked on the weekend between trips to NY...

I've been working for years in this grid/composite realm, with the shadow of Hockney always over/around me. I am just realizing that I've finally gone and made a piece exactly like his. Time to move on.

Back to NY...

View FROM my sister's and Joel's apartment and OF my sister's and Joel's apartment...

First day up to see my mom, looking out the train window, I saw this.


Crossing the Harlem River.

125th Street.

More Graffiti.

The Bronx.

And these five images of the train going through my favorite arcade...

Back to the city. More views from the train - the Bronx, again.

Crossing The Harlem River...

Arriving at 125th Street Station.

Harlem, from the train.

Monday, September 12, 2011

August of 2001

Lower Manhattan from the plane and from the Staten Island Ferry.