Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Only two reachable blossoms this year. In fact one is just too high for me without a step ladder so I'll say just one reachable flower. Not sure what is happening, deer? Climate change? Too much shade?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Weather Has Been Very Fine

Unusual, as far as I can remember for the last 17 years, for May (and now, even into June). I have been walking to town through the arboretum and taking many many photos. Here are some grids:

Roses and Rainbows

Coke and Cigarettes

Bench and Beech

Moorehead, Fringe Tree and Trellis

Quince and Tags

Arboretum Floor

Flowers, Trees and Tags

Beech at Hill Hall

Magnolia and Tags

Japanese Maple

American Beech at Hill Hall

Beech Graffiti

Trellised Walkway

Japanese Maple and Bench

Northern Catalpa


Large Leaf Hydrangea (Blue Wave)