Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trip to NY

With each new post I say I have been remiss, and again, I have. It's been weeks. Going to try and post here more regularly. Here are a few images from my trip to New York. Returned home today, with a day to go to sleep in before school begins in earnest for Claire and we rise regularly at 6:45. I will add more later on, once I've uploaded all to my computer. These are the ones I posted on Instagram...

From this morning's trip to Grand Central Terminal.

I found myself, yesterday, after walking 30 blocks in New York City, with my dear friend Naamah, who's name very aptly means pleasant, though she is so very much more than that, across the street from the Riverside Memorial Chapel, the building where, almost 40 years ago, my father's funeral took place. So strange for me. This is the view through the skylight in front, on West End Avenue and 75th Street.

One of the many shots from the train, Metro North to New York City...

Grand Central Station.

The lobby of the Upper West Side apartment where Naami is staying, in her old stomping grounds. This building is on 101st and Riverside; her old apartment, where she grew up, West End Ave. and 103rd. I spent much time there in high school, taking the train into the city and the subway up to that apartment, first to spend time with her brother, Levi, and then, after we'd broken up, to hang with her, my wonderful and dear friend of the late 60's and beyond...

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