Sunday, August 1, 2010


I haven't posted in a while. Here are some images from our third day in California, going backwards. More tomorrow, from the flight out. But first, our ride to San Francisco, lunch with George at the Irish Bank, the family on the way to the Contemporary Jewish Museum for the Maira Kalman show, Claire
at a chocolate shop, a window and graffiti while Claire and I waited for Allen in a guitar store, some street shots at Mary's and the camel's hair that she's spinning..

Here are photos from the second day; the hotel, El Camino, painted metal...

And some photos from the second walk of the second day; on the street, literally; a very nice Sikh bus driver I spoke with, some night rides...

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  1. So happy to hear of your delight with California and so cool to see your world there, you see differently from us plebes....and "Alice" is looking more and more like Allen....and I miss you! xxjoy