Sunday, July 25, 2010

BLACK and WHITE New York

Just home from visiting my mom. Continuing to be interested in shooting in Black and White. Curious.

First, here's a piece I'm exhibiting on Friday night at Renee Montague's studio/gallery for "Going to Town: Eclectic Artwork from the Barn Gang". It's the paper part of a larger piece which includes a slide show, of these photos, set to music, Caprice, from Solfeggietti, of Allen Anderson's. Photos are from my LAST trip to NY.

And now, this trip. 
 Approaching New York.

From the bus window. 59th Street Bridge in the distance.

Pershing Square.

Forty Second Street.

Some carousel pics from Bryant Park. I'll be showing these, and others, with Jenny McMillan at Nested in September.

Down to Susan and Joel's...

Back to Grand Central...

Train ride home...

Port Chester station.

Ride to the airport.

Co-op City.


Nuclear power plant, from the plane.

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