Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I thought I'd start posting photos in color portfolios, starting with orange. The first ones are of flowers.

And here are some street scenes with ORANGE....

And some folks, with ORANGE...

 The Toddlers, one of Ellis's bands.

 Rongo Rongo, another of his bands.

Gene Kelly, dancing of course.

Claire's eye.

And some images of ORANGE in food...

A mostly orange and totally delicious meal that Joel cooked for us.

 Tomatoes, an apple and clementines in Susan and Joel's apartment.

Dinner plate at my house; peanut butter chicken, noodles, mixed vegetables with garlic and tamari, rice, apples and cucumbers.

Dinner again. Stew, this time.

And breakfast for Claire, some time in the last few months. On a weekend. French toast AND cereal!

And here are some others...

Some ORANGE sunset light in S and J's apartment.

My toes and a bedspread in Jeannette's and Stephan's house.

Candy bar wrapper figures.

More of same...

Bug on glass door at Sea Ranch, in California. I've digressed; these are more caramel than ORANGE.

Moon through scope at Sea Ranch.

Claire's birthday party!

And in the end, one with a true ORANGE, or red ORANGE, or at least like the color at the beginning; my neighbor's Japanese Maple.