Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This searching for photographs for Allen's piece has brought me gifts; rediscovering old, and not-so-old, photos which I get to post in a new venue. Here are some I posted on facebook in the fall, found in a folder on my desktop, one of hundreds I've looked through, on external drives, on both computers, in iPhoto. These are of the back yard in fog. It was another rainy, cold day here in North Carolina today. We've had many of them this winter, more than our usual share, I think. These photos might have been taken today, though they weren't. They remind me of my paintings.


  1. the picture of clare as ALICE looks so much like you TAMA! and i love imagining the GRAFFITO event - love the last image especially. wish i could have been there. such lovely snow photos too. we meet here in cyberspace with images and love....elin

  2. oh, and i love the very LOUISE BOURGEOIS self-portrait claire did in the bath tub! that is a keepr-framer....elin