Thursday, February 4, 2010

Claire has been sick this week, again. Took her to the doctor this afternoon and turns out she's got an ear infection and a mild case of asthma. She's been given an inhaler, which she's very excited about. Came home and found this contact sheet on my desk; I'd left it there weeks ago when I was cleaning out some boxes and bags in my studio. I've also been gathering images of her to use for a competition. Another post with a series of photos of Claire; she is my muse, as Emily noted a few weeks ago. And those are my Italian boots she's wearing in her Betty Boop costume (sans wig), bought in a little shoe store on the piazza in Strada en Casentino in 1991. They don't fit me anymore. So glad she will be able to wear them for a little while, at least. I think she is on her way to a much larger shoe size; girl's got the longest, skinniest feet I have ever seen.

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