Saturday, February 13, 2010

I wrote an email this afternoon telling part of the story of my time in Paris in 1975. I lived there, and worked at Atelier 17, an historic print shop in the 14th arrondissement. I was exclusively an etcher then, and had been at college, where I studied with Michael Mazur. Here is the print I did in his class (a not-very-good jpeg of same), the piece that convinced him to ask me to be his assistant the following year. I drew from two photographs; one of my father at 2 years old, and one of my grandparents. They must have been taken in 1906 when they all, including my Aunt Olive, who was Ida at the time, as she would not change her name to Olive to match that of someone in her office for 20 years, first arrived in this country on the S.S. Rotterdam. There's a much longer story to be told, about my time in Paris, my father's arrival here and Michael Mazur, but for now, this all will have to do. It seems to me, over and over, that I've been making the same picture for 35 years.


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