Sunday, March 21, 2010

The opening and fund raising dinner for Down the Rabbit Hole were fantastic, through the haze and miasma of the worst cold I have ever had. I hung the show with a sore throat and feeling poorly, and a half gallon container of OJ at the ready, but alas, it did no good. Everything exploded from Wednesday on. I waved white tissues in front of my face whenever someone came over to me to wish me well at the opening, going periodically to my handy dandy bottle of hand sanitizer at Thursday's dinner. Still, lots of virtual hugs at the opening and pretend hand shakes at the dinner. So wonderful to have my sister and Joel here. Lots of love and support and good good food, at Vin Rouge two nights in a row and take in Thai food last night, with a showing, in our living room, of David Mamet's The Spanish Prisoner from Netflicks (I missed the last half falling asleep and have just added it to my queue), a trip to Target for the girls yesterday and then hula hooping, reading and lying/sleeping in the grass for Claire, Susan and me, respectively. Wonderful birthday weekend!

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