Thursday, June 20, 2013

OK, Here Goes...

Somewhat out of order, I fear, as I already uploaded some photos from the middle of my trip, but here are many many images of my 8 days in Paris.

As always, click on any photo to enlarge.

My entry into Paris.

Daniel Buren in Palais Royal, around the corner from the apartment.

In Merci, very cool store

On the walls of Paris...

Second evening in Paris, gorgeous Erin at a cafe...

Utterly  A M A Z I N G  meal at Spring, Daniel Rose's restaurant...

Susan looking at the menu for the meal we were about to have. It was a little chilly that day.

First course; deep fried oysters, with the most delicately smoked potatoes, exquisite sauce for the oysters and butter from Normandy for the bread.

Daniel Rose in the black T-shirt

White asparagus with green onions, dill, toasted buckwheat seeds in lobster sauce.

Duck with pureed almonds.

One of the four desserts; strawberries with shaved thyme ice and basil and shaved chocolate. Daniel Rose served us our dessert; we were the only ones in the restaurant for whom he did. That's cause we told him as we were walking in that we had seen him on Charlie Rose the night before!

Chocolate tart.


One of the first panoramas I did with my new-ish little camera.

And as long as we're on the subject of eating, here is the time lapse of the best cafe creme in Paris. 

In the Natural History Museum

Trip to Versailles

slowshutter train ride

Arcade (sitting backward on the way there)

Some slowshutter graffiti. Click on these; they really pop, bigger...

Arcade on the way back to Paris. Sitting facing forward.

Susan's shoe and bag...

At Versailles

It was hot, it was cold, it  was sunny then immediately cloudy. Dressed for all weather. Susan and I had a good laugh over this outfit... 

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