Wednesday, February 1, 2012

As I See It: The Self As Subject

      A year ago, while rushing around taking down an exhibition, being in the next moment rather than the present one, I tripped and fell. The result of my fall was that I needed surgery to place a titanium plate in my wrist to hold together my radius which was shattered. I was also instructed to be on bed rest for 3 months as I had a pelvic fracture. This is all to say that for a good long time at the start of 2011 I was unable to use my camera. I discovered, after some weeks of heavy medication that I could use my iPhone in place of my two-handed camera for image making, an endeavor I find quite necessary for my wellbeing. It, the iPhone, is light enough and flexible enough to use with one hand. I documented and riffed on the interior of the room I was living in, the flowers my husband would bring home, even the images on the walls, making pictures of pictures. I found, after some time, that I became interested in photographing myself – a willing and always present subject. This portfolio is comprised of some of the many self-portraits I have taken over the last year. I found, even as I recovered, the lure of self-portraiture is great – as I noted, first and foremost, the ease of using oneself as sitter/model as well as the chance to improvise with a subject, eventually reaching a presentation of self that corresponds to what I imagine is the best of me, my most lovely visage, or even my most unflattering but perhaps most compelling; the possibility of myself as director/producer/cinematographer of a one woman show.

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