Friday, June 11, 2010

Newly minted Carolina Friends Middle School graduate.

Amazing, amazing Friends School event, where they ask folks not to videotape or photograph what is their final "meeting for worship" (silent time where anyone who is so moved to "quake" [hence, Quaker] and speak from the heart, can) except when your child was being spoken to by their advisor. Then you could document. They had found that the kids would not feel free to speak from their hearts if someone was recording it. "Oh, I'm not going to need tissues" I said at the beginning, passing the box they had left on a seat near me. HaH! I cried my eyes out, particularly when Claire spoke about how much she loved and would miss her advisee group. Her advisor was pitch perfect with her; not mentioning the troubles she's had, only talking about how she is the heart and soul of the group, how she sets him straight, how she laughs, how she's such a good friend to her fellow "advisees". So wonderful to hear all the teachers speak about their kids, to know that Claire has been in such a place, and that she gets to continue there. I felt terribly lucky today.

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