Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saturday at Roll's Florist

I went once again to Emily's garden that she is renovating along with/under the guidance of her dad, Jeff. It was a day for volunteers to come and help with various tasks - weeding, clearing, sweeping, scraping, oiling planks for the greenhouse, whatever needs to be done, which is a lot, and for which all hands were at the ready. Well, most hands; mine, on the OTHER hand, were taking photos. I find that when I'm there every pile of old lumber, every barrel of rusted tools, every crate of wire and bolts and bobbins and tags becomes a beautiful still life. I love photographing the shadows and vines caught on the plastic sheeting covering the roof of the greenhouse, draping into the space below; like photograms, sepia toned images behind veils of light.

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